2000PD, Single Architectural Plaque 24″ x 24″ T-Bar Lay-In Diffuser

Throw Pattern

360 Degrees


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Single Plaque

Mounting Style



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Powder Coated




Pristine White

Product Features
  • Seismic support tabs
  • Continuous collar bead on neck provides strength
  • Continuous collar bead on neck prevents flex duct slippage
Product Options

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Company 2000PD
Hart & Cooley DPD
Titus OMNI
Shoemaker HL
Metal Aire 5750
Price --
Krueger PLQ
If the model number you are looking for is not here, please contact us or your local TRUaire distributor. Sometimes there are numbers that might be missing from this list that we can research for you.
Description Example Model
1. Select base model: Model 2000PD 2000PD
2. Select the collar size: 6", 8", 10", 12", or 14" diameter 2000PD-8 (for 8")
3. Select insulation options: IN = R6 insulated steel back with collar R6 = Universal back only - No collar - No damper 2000PD-8 IN 2000PD-8 R6
3. Select damper options: BD = Butterfly Damper RD = Radial Damper Note: To select models with insulation & damper; Designate BOTH 2000PD-8 BD 2000PD-8 RD 2000PD-8 INBD
If you have questions on particular configuration, please contact us or your local TRUaire distributor.
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