Daikin’s $417M Campus

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Daikin Industries Ltd. is set to build a new campus near Houston, Texas. The $417 million campus will expand the company’s Goodman operations in the US. This will prove to be the largest single investment ever taken on by Goodman. In 2012, Daikin Idustries, a Japanese-based manufacturer, acquired the Houston-based Goodman Global Group Inc. Both companies produce HVAC products for both residential and commercial use, so the taking over of Goodman has caused great progress.

Construction of the campus is set to start in the coming months, and it is expected to be operational by summer of 2016. Neither the architect nor the general contractor has been disclosed yet, but the campus is expected to be 3-4 million square feet and will sit on a 90-acre parcel not far from US Highway 99.

The new campus, called Comfortplex, will be home to one of the most technologically advanced (and not to mention largest) HVAC manufacturing facilities in the country. Though Daikin has never done this before, they will be producing both ducted and ductless products in this new facility. Manufacturing operations are to include residential and commercial heating and cooling systems from Daikin, Goodman, and Amana.

The company is planning on consolidating all its branches of operation, including engineering, logistics, procurement, manufacturing, and marketing braches, from Texas and Tennessee. Human resources personnel from the company claimed that the consolidation plan will not negatively impact workers. Their plans, they claim, will increase jobs to 4000 in the Houston area, 500 more than currently exist.

Daikin and Goodman ultimately chose this location after careful consideration and analysis of business situations. Goodman’s CEO Takeshi Ebisu touted Houston as an ideal location for this new campus, claiming it provides “an educated workforce, economic growth, and a favorable year-long climate necessary for manufacturing and operational excellence.”