TRUaire GRD Accessories and Options

Multi-Shutter DampersFind all products with an optional multi-shutter damper

TruAire’s Multi-Shutter Dampers are the most common steel damper mechanisms used in our registers.  When you open and close the damper, the parallel blades move in unison, which affect airflow direction.

Opposed Blade DampersFind all products with an optional opposed blade damper

TruAire’s Opposed Blade Dampers are made of beautiful rock-solid aluminum and are an upgrade option for our registers.  OBD’s consist of paired rows of parallel blades that face, or “oppose” each other and the parallel blades open and close opposite of each other.  This creates a damper that controls and reduces the volume of the air without affecting airflow direction. Click here for more information on the TRUaire OBD

Radial DampersFind all products with an optional radial damper

TruAire’s Radial Dampers are made of circle-shaped steel and work exclusively on tbar commercial products.  Radial dampers consist of 3 or 4 sheet metal blades, fanned out to form the closed position.  In its open position these blades hide behind the front piece. Also referred to as a bow-tie damper, this damper is used in conjunction with the 2000 Series T-Bar Diffusers, particularly when the blades of the butterfly damper extend too far into the duct. Up to 14”. Click here for more information on the TRUaire 804 Radial Damper

Butterfly DampersFind all products with an optional butterfly damper

TruAire’s Butterfly Dampers consists of two large steel opposed blades and works exclusively with 800 series round residential registers, and the 2004CD commercial tbar diffusers.  Easy to open and close.  The butterfly damper’s large two opposing blades blow open in the direction of the airstream, and control the volume of air coming out of the register. Butterfly Damper & Installation Ring | Butterfly Damper with Mounting Clips | Installation Ring only

Molded R6 InsulationFind all products with an optional R6 insulation

Incredibly convenient, this 24×24 R6 molded fiberglass plenum can be cut, folded, bent, and glued onto the back of just about any T-Bar product for applications calling for insulation. Scored and marked concentric lines on the face make it easy to work with and can reduce labor. The molded backing works perfectly with our Ring Collar and Push Pin Fasteners. Click here for more information on the TRUaire Molded R6 Insulation