2003CD T-Bar Lay-in

2003CD T-Bar Lay-in

Product Features:

  • 2 cone step-down diffusers
  • 24 gauge steel
  • 2″ 22 gauge collar
  • Seismic support tab
  • Durable white powder coat finish
Check out one of these pages for more information on our Product Options and/or Product Features. Includes Model Numbers: 2003CD, A2003CD

Available Collar Sizes:

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If you have any questions on prices or availability, please contact us or your local TRUaire authorized dealer.

Company 2003CD
Hart & Cooley FPD/FPD3
Titus TMS
Shoemaker HVL/HVD
Metal Aire 5800
Price SCD
Krueger 1400
If the model number you are looking for is not here, please contact us or your local TRUaire distributor. Sometimes there are numbers that might be missing from this list that we can research for you.

  Description Example Model
1. Select base model: Model 2003CD 2003CD
2. Select the collar size: 6", 8", 10", 12", or 14" diameter 2003CD-8 (for 8")
3. Select insulation options: IN = R6 insulated steel back with collar
R6 = Universal back only – No collar – No damper
2003CD-8 IN
2003CD-8 R6
3. Select damper options: BD = Butterfly Damper
RD = Radial Damper

Note: To select models with insulation & damper; Designate BOTH
2003CD-8 BD
2003CD-8 RD
2003CD-8 INBD
If you have questions on particular configuration, please contact us or your local TRUaire distributor.

Air Deflection: 4-Way Material: Steel
Color: White Damper: See Available Options
Finish: Powder coat Face: Step-down
Air Flow: Supply Primary Use: T-bar Ceiling
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