1140R Aluminum Egg Crate Face

1140R Aluminum Egg Crate Face

Product Features:

  • Aluminum egg create face
  • Heavy duty steel case
  • Seismic support tab

Product Options:

Check out one of these pages for more information on our Product Options and/or Product Features. Includes Model Numbers: 1140R,1140DBR

Available Sizes: Always width x height

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If you have any questions on prices or availability, please contact us or your local TRUaire authorized dealer.

 DescriptionExample Model
1. Select base modelModel 11401140
2. Select the blade positioningR = Return, open back
DBR = Return, 1-1/2" ductboard
3. Select Appropriate Size1 = 12" x 24"
2 = 24" x 24"
4 = 24" x 48"
3. Special Note:
Model 1120 is the only model available with a supply deflector.

If you have questions on particular configuration, please contact us or your local TRUaire distributor.

Air Deflection: N/AMaterial: Steel / Aluminum
Color: WhiteDamper: N/A
Finish: Powder coatFace: Aluminum Egg-Crate
Air Flow: ReturnPrimary Use: T-bar Ceiling
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